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A big discount is 2000 EGP on a meter of Corian (artificial marble), an alternative to natural marble

Corian kitchen - Corian
Corian kitchen – Corian

Corian kitchens
We are still completing offers with the largest discount rate for the year 2024 on Corian (imported artificial marble, an alternative to natural marble) imported from China and Korea.
For more information about the features, uses, types and prices of Corian, click on the link:
Top Line Company (best materials + best prices + fastest possible time)
Corian (artificial marble)

Anti-bacterial, moisture-proof and insect-proof.
Available in more than 60 colors.
It is non-porous, so it is not susceptible to absorption or water leakage.
It is available in matte and shiny, and the color shine is controlled to the maximum degree.
It can also be integrated into sinks and built-in stoves without any welds appearing.
It can be shaped and rotated without any breaks appearing for more elegance and flow.
It is lightweight and can be repaired from any damage without any traces appearing.

But your only solution remains marble (Corian).
Uses of Corian
Corian kitchens (artificial marble, an alternative to natural marble)

  • Kitchens

    Corian (artificial marble)
    Corian kitchen – Corian.
  • Bathroom units.
    Kitchen and bathroom sinks.
    Table disc.
    Wall coverings.
    Hospitals and operating rooms.
    Lightweight elevator floors.
    Reception desks.
    The sinks are installed from the same material

Corian marble for the kitchen from Top Line Corian and Compact HpL Company,


Because customer trust is important, the warranty is 10 years, and this is how Top Line works
Corian is an imported 100% acrylic artificial marble. It is characterized by its hardness, light weight, and is completely unaffected by water and acids. It is non-porous, so it does not have holes and is not absorbable
It is also resistant to bacteria, stains, and moisture, withstands pressure and high temperatures, easy to clean, easy to rotate and shape, and easy to repair from any damage
Available in all sizes and available to be made with a thickness of 4 cm for more elegance and solidity. Built-in stove is available in it. Corian sinks are available and come with it

The counter is in it without any welds appearing

To watch the product video:

It is available in 60 modern and elegant colors, plain and dotted, and it has a 10-year guarantee. Corian is used to make kitchens, bathroom units, counters, wall cladding, operating rooms, sinks, table tops, exhibition facades, and elevator floors
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