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Compact HPL


for Bathroom doors, bathroom partitions, urinals, lockers and Table disk

Compact is a type of plywood. It is a very hard material that can suffering Temperature for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees, which makes it very durable and against breakage. High Pressure Laminate means providing it with high pressure

Uses of Compact HPL :

  • Bathroom doors
  • bathroom partitions
  • urinals
  • lockers
  • Table disk

Features of Compact HPL :

  • Light weight
  • moisture resistant
  • fire resistant
  • resistant to harmful chemicals and organic solvents
  • resistant to bacteria growth
  • scratch resistant
  • easy cleaning
  • available with many colors
  • resistant to pollution, bacteria and fungus
  • withstand shocks
  • against breakage and easy to disassemble.
Chinese Compact HPL from Sunfull

Compact HPL Samples

Indian Compact HPL from Greenlam
Compact HPL Products

HPL Partitions

HPL Lockers

HPL Trash

HPL Tables

Compact HPL Accessories

Top Line is one of the largest importers of 304 stainless steel compact accessories
The company imports the finest types of stainless steel 304 of Chinese origin, produced by the XDF factory

Features of stainless-steel accessories 304 :

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