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Compact HPL

Compact HPL
Compact HPL
Compact HPL , compact doors , compact bathrooms
Compact HPL, compact doors, compact bathrooms
Compact HPL , compact Bathroom doors
Compact HPL, compact Bathroom doors



Compact HPL

 Bathroom doors – bathroom – partitions- table – lockers 

It is one of the best-imported materials that we can use in the industry

Partitions, doors, and bathroom dividers for

schools, universities, malls, factories, administrative buildings, and public facilities.

And also the manufacture of lockers and storage units.

Table tops for restaurants, cafes, homes, and public places.

is a very hard material that can withstand temperature for

20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees, which makes it very durable and resistant to breakage. It is a type of plywood.

High Pressure Laminates means providing it with high-pressure lamination

You can also know the reason for choosing the HPL compact material

topline offers a variety of HPL compact colors. 


advantages of using HPL compact for bathrooms :

very lite.
Moisture resistant.
Fire resistant.
Resistant to harmful chemicals and organic solvents.
Resistant to bacterial growth.
Resistant to damage.
Easy to clean.
Many colors are available.
Resistant to pollution, bacteria, and fungi.
Withstands shocks.
anti break.
Easy to disassemble, install and maintain.

TOP LINE offers many samples and colors of the compact

You should know that many countries manufacture compact materials (France – Italy – India – China – Germany), but the most famous and widely used in Egypt is the Chinese and Indian type.

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