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Compact HPL bathroom partitions

Compact HPL bathroom partitions  laminate-
Compact HPL bathroom partitions laminate-

Compact HPL bathroom partitions
Be careful and pay attention, and let me tell you a very important piece of information, take care of it when you come to contract for the work of HPL Compact bathroom partitions.
Before you ask about the price per meter? Ask about…?
1- The material, its type, thickness, and its data sheet?
2- Are the samples available for approval identical to the catalogs and catalogs?
3- Are the samples available in the required quantities?
4- Previous accreditation  for engineering consulting offices for raw materials?
5- The quality of stainless steel accessories, whether they are imported or Egyptian?
6- Is there a technical office at the factory to do shop drawing for the business?
7- The company’s ability to deliver on time?
8- The company’s efficiency in handing over the final work to the consultant?
9- The company’s reputation in terms of after-sales service, warranty and maintenance?
10 – Make sure that there is an administrative headquarters for the company to conduct contracts and a factory for implementation
Finally, ask about the price per meter?
You should also know what are the features of HPL compact bathroom partitions and what are their uses?
First: The advantages of compact HPL
very lite.
Moisture resistant.
Fire resistant.
Resistant to harmful chemicals and organic solvents.
Resistant to bacterial growth.
Resistant to damage.
Easy to clean.
Many colors available.
Resistant to pollution, bacteria and fungi.
Withstands shocks.
anti break .
Easy to disassemble, install and maintain.
Second: Its uses
Bathroom partitions and dividers
Bathroom urinals
Bathroom doors
Wall cladding
Bathroom units
Changing Rooms
I am happy to answer all your inquiries
Sales Manager Maryam Fayez: 01222360917 / 01097778916
We are honored to visit our showroom: Granada, El Korba, Heliopolis
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