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Natural marble for Export - types of natural marble- advantages of it- the uses
انواع والوان الجرانيت

What are the advantages of granite?

  • Granite is distinguished by its hardness and durability
  • Granite is characterized by its durability
  • Granite is anti-scratch
  • Granite is stained resistant
  • Granite has good temperature resistance
  • Granite is characterized by its resistance to corrosion, erosion and friction
  • Granite is water resistant
  • Granite is characterized as polymorphic
  • Distinguishes multicolored granite

What are the uses of granite?

Granite is one of the oldest existing materials, in addition to its many advantages that made it used for several different purposes:
Granite is used in:

  • Building as a building material
  • Carvings are like statues
  • the stairs
  • the tables
  • Kitchen surfaces and bathroom units
  • The destinations of buildings, facilities, tourist villages and hospitals
  • House floors
  • Villas, entrances and malls
What are the types of imported granite and Marble?

Granite Products


Kitchen surfaces





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