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Natural marble for Export - types of natural marble- advantages of it- the uses
Natural marble for Export

Natural marble for Export - types of natural marble- advantages of it - Marble prices - the usesMarble is a metamorphic limestone rock composed of very pure calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate)

Natural marble is formed in the form of crystalline stones resulting from a group of natural factors that occur in the inner layers of the earth, which contributes to the formation of marble stone in different colors, shapes and degrees of hardness.

Marble is one of the most important natural stones that enter the interiors of homes, as it is considered one of the types of metamorphic limestone rocks that have been chemically transformed over time due to intense heat and pressure.

What are the advantages of natural marble?

  • Marble is characterized by the multiplicity of colors and their overlapping
  • It is characterized by the presence of veins in it
  • It is distinguished by its luxury and durability
  • It is characterized by its long life and hardness
  • It is resistant to wear and abrasion
  • It is not affected by heat significantly
  • It is characterized by its bright shine
  • Marble maintains its new shape throughout life
  • Some types of marble are transparent
  • Marble is resistant to heat, humidity and wind
  • Marble is not affected by erosion and climate factors.
  • Marble is easy to clean and polish
  • Marble is hard to scratch
  • Marble is not easily broken.

What are the uses of natural marble?

Marble is one of the oldest existing materials, in addition to its many advantages that made it used for several different purposes:

Marble is used in:

  • Building as a building material
  • Carvings are like statues
  • the stairs
  • the tables
  • Kitchen surfaces and bathroom units
  • The destinations of buildings, facilities, tourist villages and hospitals
  • House floors
  • Villas, entrances and malls

What are the types of natural marble?

Sunny Minya


Silvia Green

Sunny \ Light

Milly Brown

Silvia \ Light

Sunny Sheikh fadl

Milly Grey

Silvia \ Dark


Golden Sinai




Imperial Brown

Imperial Grey \ dark

Imperial Bronze

Imperial Cross


Galala Rose

Galala Cream

Galala Extra

Galala Gold

Galala Sahaba

Galala Fas

Zafarana flower

Zafarana \ Light

Natural Marble Products


Kitchen surfaces





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