Properties of surface :
Under the family of solid surface consist of :
1- Family of solid surface.
2- It is not absorb water and against stain.
3- It is variety of design to makes form facilities.
4- It is design of bathroom surfaces , Kitchens and sinks and used for many purposes such as Living , HealthCare , Stores , Restaurants , Holtels , Boats , …..etc.
5- It is available 100 color regards of consumers which is prefer in healthy place and hospitals because it non combustible and easy to clean depend on in places which interested in protections. Used for making facades of stores , shops , grafting facades with trade name of the same material where one surface becomes equal without welds.

Properties of material :
1- It is a substance against bacteria there for its very best choice to usages for healthy performance .
2- It is resist for burning until 30 minutes who isn’t spread smoke causing to die.
3- It is resist for acid & chemicals which isn’t interactive with it and it is very usage best for laboratories .
4- This installed without welds which facilities daily cleaning and the possibility of installation in the facades.