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Reception counter

Reception counter

The reception counter in a mall means something very important
This means the address of your place, your culture, and the level of your work intended for the customer
choose your reception counter made of Corian.

Because Corian is 100% Acrylic solid surface material (imported_artificial_marble), a Korean alternative to natural marble
Her kitchen and bathroom sinks are made of it in it.

The reception counter is characterized by its solidity lightweight completely unaffected by water and acids non-porous so it does not have holes and is not susceptible to absorption or leakage.

resistant to bacteria, stains and moisture withstands pressure and high temperatures easy to clean easy to rotate and shape easy to repair from any damage.
Available in 60 colors, including marble kitchens and bathroom units of the same material and color All this with a 10-year warranty.
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Or visit our showroom: 20 Granada Street. Korba. Heliopolis

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Reception-counter Reception-counter Reception-counter Reception-counter