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  Discount rate of 2000 EGP per square meter for Compact HPL 

Discount rate of 2000 EGP per square meter for Compact HPL

We are still completing the offers of the largest discount rate of 2000 EGP per square meter for Compact HPL

Compact HPL
Compact HPL bathroom partitions

bathroom partitions
For more information about the features, uses, types and prices of Compact HPL, click on the link

Imported Chinese Sun Full, Indian Stylem and Green Lam
Top Line Company (best materials + best prices + fastest possible time)

?What is Compact HPL bathroom For partitions and urinals

Then call Top Line Company for Corian and HPL Compact.

Because not only Top Line Company is one of the largest companies importing HPL, Chinese and Indian panels in Egypt; No, it is also professional in manufacturing, installation and delivery.

Features of Compact HPL partitions, partitions and bathroom dividers?
anti break.
Scratch resistant.
It is not affected by water and acids.
Available in more than 40 colors.
Withstands pressure and high temperatures.
10 year warranty.

:Its uses are

Bathroom partitions, lockers, and table tops:

Compact HPL
Compact HPL bathroom partitions

To see video for this :

Because every detail is calculated and we operate it correctly under any obstacles, we use the cleanest and finest HPL materials and 304 stainless steel accessories. The highest level of finishing, professional installation, maximum speed of delivery, longest warranty period, cheapest price in the market.

What is compact HPL bathroom partitions and urinals?

It is a very hard material that can withstand temperature for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees, which makes it very durable and resistant to breakage. It is a type of plywood and has many advantages

High Pressure Laminates means providing it with high pressure lamination.

The best imported materials are available, Chinese Sun Full,Indian Stylam, Indian Green Lam, and imported Chinese accessories, XDF brand.
Manufacturing is carried out using the latest devices, machines and machines.

The installation is carried out under engineering supervision and in a sound engineering manner. Delivery is also carried out in accordance with the approvals and specifications at Top Line Company.

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