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?Countertop Why is it’s important to make with Corian

?Counter top Why is it’s important to make with Corian

corian,There are many reasons and many advantages that make you implement countertops and reception counters in  Corian, including

countertop corian – reception counter – corian kitchen

Light weight

Corrosion and moisture resistance


Resistant to bacteria and dung

Easy to clean

No visible welds

Do various vaccinations

Ease of restoration and repair Not affected by ultraviolet rays Inert material, and in case of fire, the gas emitted from it is non-toxicity is water resistant and antibacterial, which makes it a good choice for use in hospitals, bathrooms, or surgical areas that require high hygiene.

Ease of formation

Available in more than 100 colors

10years guarantee The demand for Corian is increasing greatly due to its nature, hardness, ease of manufacture,formation and recycling, and the abundance of time available from it

?And You must also know what Corian is
Corian consists of very healthy, non-porous materials. Corian is non-porous, so germs cannot grow inside the pores of Corian. Even moisture cannot creep in and cause damage, and with the many colors available, it is easy to maintain a healthy kitchen with the latest modern designs.
One of the advantages of Corian is that it is very durable. However, it can be easily manufactured using common and available carpentry tools. Joints are made without visible welds using an identical color adhesive. The terraforming process helps in creating different shapes.
Experience endless design possibilities by using different colors of Corian. Corian can provide designs that are difficult for other materials to offer. Corian can coordinate well with other materials and offer endless design possibilities.
Corian is made entirely of acrylic, and when compared to laminate or plastic, it is superior in strength and durability in the long term. In addition, in the event of contamination or damage, it can be easily repaired as if it were new.
Corian is a solid and shock-resistant material. It is easy to repair cracks and damage. One of the physical properties of the material is that it is not affected by weather factors and environmental influences over time, but it loses part of its shine, and the required shine can be restored by simple sanding and polishing. Therefore, Corian is very suitable for crowded and high-traffic places such as airports and banks, so the place can be

?Finally, why do we recommend purchasing from Top Line company
We use the best imported Corian materials
Corian is antibacterial for the safety of patients and customers
Corian has all the tests and accreditation
Record implementation time due to the importance of projects and speed of delivery

 Specialists in manufacturing and finishing
Competitive prices compared to the market
Previous work to implement the largest hospitals, laboratories and centers in Egypt
Tax invoices
year10 warranty certificates on all the company’s products

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